Tej Bahadur is making the crown of Indrajatra

Tej Bahadur is making the crown of Indrajatra


August 25, Kathmandu. 83-year-old painter Tej Bahadur has been requested to embellish his home in a road reverse Bhagwan Bahl.

Five generations got here to know that Akash Bhairav, Chandi Kumar and Chandi Kumari, coming from Halchowk for Indra Jatra, have began adorning their crowns. Even right now, from the day after Kuse Ounsi to the following 11 days of Ekadashi, he spends his whole day adorning the identical crown.

This crown is introduced by Akash Bhairav ​​Gutthi of Halchowk. According to the painter, Akash Bhairav ​​additionally comes from Halchowk with a sword in his hand on the principle day of Indrajatra.

According to the painter, three crowns adorned by him are adorned by him yearly from Kuse Ounsi until the day of Ekadashi. The painter alone does the work of adorning it.

According to the painter, the current technology has forgotten the duty of adorning the Taj and is educating it to their grandson. These three crowns are adorned yearly and it’s customary to alter the crown each 12 years.

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