Tent aid to Kiriyaputri, whose house was destroyed

October 11, Dhangarhi. CPN-UML has Anarsavvyu provided tents for Kiriyaputri, who was trapped after her house at Dhangarhi collapsed.

The youths of Anisu-Vu have erected tents for the family of Dharam Bahadur BK, who is living in his father’s house under Tripal after a mud house collapsed in Getty of Dhangarhi sub-metropolitan-13.

Anusavu Kailali president Kishore Shah said the victim’s family was helped by setting up a tent at the Getty on Thursday after it was discovered that the mother was living under a triptych at her home without a roof. Food, salt, oil, pulses and vegetables were also provided, he said.

Dhauli Vik, a 70-year-old woman performing her husband’s rituals under the open sky, thanked the youth for helping her family by providing tents and food items during the disaster.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar