The budget of the film ‘Bhrikuti’ is 20 crores, in which the producers of Nepal and China will jointly invest.

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Kathmandu. The film ‘Bhrikuti: The Green Star’, jointly produced by Nepal and China, will have a budget of Rs 20 crore. Three Chinese companies are cooperating in the construction.

A letter of intent was signed between Keshav Bahadur Kunwar on behalf of the Nepalese side and Jiang Yu, general manager of Beijing Aulin Culture Media Company, during the International Dance Film Festival 2022 held in Beijing on 11 August.

According to which, Chinese films ‘Dear Stranger’ and ‘Let’s Go Dancing in Nepal’ will be shot in Nepal. Suvarna Thapa is directing the film based on the life journey of Bhrikuti, who is also the national symbol of Nepal.

The pre-production of the film, which started principal photography in three years, is now in full swing. At least three Chinese companies from Nepal and Mandala Films will cooperate in the production and other Chinese companies will be in the co-production.

The shooting of the film is planned from Kathmandu in Nepal, Panauti, Khopasi, Tibet in China to Beijing. The story of Bhrikuti’s journey to Tibet and her marriage at the age of nine will be included in the film. Thapa has researched the film along with Tejendra Sherchan.

This is a story from the seventh century. The challenge is to portray the costumes from the scenario of that time,’ Thapa told news online. For the first time as a joint investment between Nepalese and Chinese producers, the work of the film is going to start.

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