The effect of the ban on western countries: Tiktok brought 8 new rules

Tiktok has changed its rules on Tuesday and announced new standards for content and users uploaded on Tiktok.

Popular Chinese-owned video sharing app TikTok was accused of breaching privacy apart from its content.

Various western countries are announcing a ban on TikTok, which shows that users’ privacy is at risk.

In recent days, TikTok has faced pressure from Western authorities over data abuse controversies and privacy threats.

Various countries including the US have completely banned TikTok on their government equipment. While the ban continues, Tiktok has issued new rules. In which 8 different principles have been set for content moderation.

Julie de Vaillancourt, Tiktok’s head of product policy, said these principles are based on Tiktok’s commitment to upholding human rights.

In addition, it is also placed in the international legal framework. According to him, TikTok tries to strike a balance between protecting human rights and protecting others from harm while maintaining freedom of expression.

What are the new standards?

According to the standards and guidelines applicable from April 21, users will now be informed about the content to be placed on Tiktok. It will also contain information that deepfakes have been banned.

Tiktok says that Deepfake is a synthetic media created with Artificial Intelligence technology.

TikTok has sought to clarify its policy regarding the deepfake technique of creating fake and misleading content by imitating someone. According to which, while uploading any kind of deepfake content on Tiktok, which looks like the original, it is necessary to state that the content is fake. This has put an end to the confusion that Tiktok users may have. Tiktok is now banned for making deepfakes of common people.

Tiktok has also tightened the reins on hate speech. Under which a tribal community ie tribe has also been included in the Hate Speech Control Policy. Also, TikTok has put in place special rules to protect the TikTok accounts of political parties and governments, as well as to control the spread of rumors and misinformation during elections.

Tiktok has mentioned four different pillars in its updated criteria. These include removing content that violates the rules, setting content that can only be viewed by adults, disqualifying content that is not suitable for general users to appear on your feed, and users Empowering the community through information tools and resources for

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Himal Sanchar