The extension sought from the airport is over, Pokhara did not get the place to dump the garbage

18 November, Pokhara. Nepal Civil Aviation Authority is preparing to open Pokhara International Airport from English New Year i.e. January 1. Under this plan, calibration flight of the connected equipment has been done at the airport.

Aero Thai Company has said that it will report the calibration flight between November 5 and November 12 within three weeks. However, even as the date of the airport’s regular opening draws near, the Pokhara landfill site, which is seen as a major problem, has not been resolved.

The airport project from the very beginning suggested the metropolis to find an alternative to the landfill, stating that the landfill, located about 2 km from the airport, would pose a threat to the birds. However, despite repeated correspondence, the progress of the metropolis has been slow, so the problem remains the same.

The authority had also requested not to throw garbage at the landfill site from the day of the calibration flight (November 5). The city is currently managing the waste at Bachhebarua located in Pokhara Municipal Corporation-14 Seti Kinnar.

However, the metropolis said that they can find an alternative by December 18 and requested the project to give them time till then. The time sought by the city from Sunday has also expired. The landfill site, which was started for 15 years by compromising with the local people, has now reached 18 years.

After removing the landfill site from Bachebdunwa, where will the municipal waste be managed? The metropolitan replies, ‘We are watching. We will find an alternative by January 1. However, it is not clear where the metropolis is looking for alternatives.

Not that the metropolis has not explored alternatives to the landfill site. The then mayor Man Bahadur ji also tried to find an alternative to the landfill site by forming various committees, but it could not materialize. Although the committee constituted in coordination with the ward presidents of different wards submitted the report for making landfill sites at different places, but due to the opposition of the local people, they were unable to move.

The committee constituted under the coordination of Jeevan Acharya, the then Ward President of Pokhara Metropolitan City-16, nominated a new landfill site for the metropolis at Pasamarang on the border of Pokhara 16 and 20 wards. However, there too the metropolis had to backtrack on its decision despite strong protests from the local people.

The outgoing mayor GC left the metropolis at the end of his term with the decision to study relocating the landfill site to Pokhara Ward No. 33. Later, in the first executive meeting held after Dhanraj Acharya was elected mayor, it was decided to build a new landfill site at Pokhara 33, Taimoorpata.

The metropolis also allocated 10 million rupees for the current fiscal year to complete the process of land acquisition and conduct a detailed study to build a landfill site in Taimoorpata for infrastructure construction. However, there was no study and the city backtracked on its decision due to protests from the local people.

Now Mahanagar Pokhara ward no. 22 The internal preparation for the construction of the landfill site at Kuvinde had begun. However, Mayor Dhanraj Acharya had to clarify that the metropolis had not taken any decision through a video statement, as locals said the deal was done to influence voters during the elections.

Meanwhile, Mayor Acharya has visited Delhi and Hyderabad from Dharan to see the waste management system. However, the metropolis has not been able to give any concrete decision regarding waste management.

According to the Pokhara Metropolitan Sanitation Division, more than 200 tonnes of garbage is being collected daily in the metropolis. Under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme, 9 private companies are picking up garbage in the metropolis.

Will give information in a few days: Mayor Acharya

Pokhara Metropolitan Mayor Dhanraj Acharya has said that he has reached the final stage regarding the new landfill site and will give information about it in a few days. He clarified that till a new alternative is found, the garbage will be dumped where it is being dumped at present.

Mayor Acharya told online news, “At the moment we are going to bring the garbage from the side to the landfill and manage the garbage there until the final point comes.” We will inform you in a few days.

Mayor Acharya said that there was some delay due to the elections, but internal discussions were going on continuously. ‘We will also call all the dignitaries elected from Kaski and discuss. That will decide something’, he said.

Mayor Acharya informed that an agreement has been signed with the airport project to start the reconstruction of the present landfill site from the soil of Rithepani hill which is being eroded in the east side of the airport. We are targeting January 1st and are processing. It doesn’t affect him’, he said, ‘now we stand by it.’

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar