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11 December, Kathmandu. Karnali Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma completed the Council of Ministers by appointing four ministers on Wednesday. Krishna Bahadurji from the Maoist Center became the Minister of Internal Affairs and Bhim Prakash Sharma became the Minister of Land Management, followed by Tekraj Pachai from the UML and Jeet Bahadur Malla became the Industries Minister.

Chief Minister Sharma appointed Vinod Kumar Shah from UML and Mangal Bahadur Shahi from Maoist as ministers on the same day of swearing-in. Both got the ministry on Wednesday.

The newly appointed ministers took oath before the state president. The tea party is over, everyone went their separate ways. About 45 minutes later, the Chief Minister’s Office recommended the appointment of Urmila Vick as the Minister of State in the Office of the Provincial Head. The Chief Minister administered him the oath of the post of State President.

Earlier, when Jeevan Bahadur Shahi was the chief minister, he was heavily criticized for having only men in the 8 cabinet. A leader says that this time too, after the male minister, the woman MP has been made the minister of state.

Maoist Karnali state president Bimla KC argues that women could not be appointed to ministerial posts because of geography. “The Ministry of Physics has focused energy,” she says. Even though he is the Minister of State, his responsibilities are similar to those of the Minister of Flowers.

Not only in Karnali, the participation of women in other provincial governments is very weak.

There is only one woman minister in the 11-member cabinet of Bagmati province, which concluded on Wednesday. Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkatel on Wednesday appointed 3/3 ministers each from the UML and the Maoist Center and two from the RPP.

UML parliamentary party leader Jagannath Thapliya and RPP’s Uddhav Thapa took oath along with the chief minister.

Ekalalal Shrestha, Rameshwar Shrestha Health and Keshav Prasad Pokharel from UML became agriculture ministers on Wednesday. Ganga Narayan Shrestha from the Maoist Center became Minister of Internal Affairs, Yuvraj Dulal became Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Kumari Muktan Banda became Minister of Social Development RPRPA and Dumbar Tamang became Minister of Industries and Forestry. Social Development Minister Kumari Muktan is the only woman in Bagmati province’s 11-member cabinet.

Gandaki province also has only one woman minister. Chief Minister Khagraj Adhikari had concluded the cabinet on Tuesday itself. Economic Affairs Minister Sitakumari Sundas is the only woman in the 7-member cabinet.

The governments of Province 1, Madhesh, Lumbini and Sudurpaschim provinces have not yet been completed. But the participation of women in the current cabinet is weak. Aryal, secretary of the ruling CPN-UML, says that the post of Aryal secretary of the CPN-UML has not yet been filled by all state governments. However, seeing the trend of those who achieve perfection, it seems that the same will happen with the rest.

Health Minister Nirmala Limbu is the only woman in Province 1’s 7-member cabinet. Chief Minister Hikmet Karkay retained the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Economic Affairs out of 9. There is no immediate preparation to bring any minister to this ministry.

Currently, Tilakumar Menyangbo is the minister for water supply and Budhikumar Rajbhandari is the social development minister from UML, Jeevan Acharya is the minister for forest and road infrastructure from Durga Prasad Chapgai Maoist. Bhakti Sitaula is the Agriculture Minister from RPP.

Nirmala Limbu is the only member of the state assembly from the Janata Samajwadi Party and because of her ministership in the JSP, women have participated in the Karki-led cabinet.

Province 2 has a four-member cabinet. Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav has appointed UML’s Saroj Kumar Yadav as physical infrastructure minister, Janmat’s Basant Kushwaha as social development and JSP’s Sanjay Yadav as finance minister.

7 Ministries are leaderless. Chief Minister Yadav has not yet been able to expand the cabinet due to non-distribution of ministries among the ruling parties.

In Lumbini, Chief Minister Leela Giri has formed a three-member cabinet, in which there is a woman member. Chennarayan Acharya from UML and Krishna KC from Maoist Center have become ministers. But both have not got the ministry. Due to the division in the parties, the expansion of the cabinet is not likely to happen for a few days.

Chief Minister Rajendra Rawal has appointed only two ministers in the Far Western Province. Khagraj Bhatt from Maoist Center and Santosh Thapa Sharma from UML have become ministers. If these two are not given responsibility, the cabinet of ministers is not expanded until it is sure that the Civil Liberation Party will support them.

Leaders say that there is a coalition government everywhere and one party is biased towards the other and does not give opportunities to women MPs. UML secretary Aryal says that the mindset of women being weak and unable to work still persists, ‘because of that mindset they have acted as if they have given it to a woman’.

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