The murder of Lal Mohammad remembered the 14 year old shooting

5 October, Kathmandu. On 20 June 2064, at around 7 pm, Balram Patuwar arrived in front of Ramprasad Shah’s cycle shop in Baneshwar, riding a man’s motorcycle.

“When they came in front of my shop, they both looked confused, sitting in the shop as if they were waiting for someone,” says Shah. Motorcycle.”

Within 15/20 minutes of that motorcycle, a man was shot on the banks of the Dhovi river in Anamnagar. Ramprasad later came to know that the man killed was a Patuwar, who had come to his shop on a motorcycle.
According to Hulia, the picker of the patwar was Lal Mohammad alias Thapaji, who was gunned down by an unknown group in Gothar on Monday.

According to the police, on that evening of 20 June 2064, Patuwar was killed by taking him to a deserted river bank. According to the postmortem report conducted by Regional Education Hospital, Maharajganj Ferrinsk specialist Dr. Tulsi Kandel, Patwar’s body was hit by four bullets.

Investigation of the bullet at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory has revealed that a ‘homemade one mm caliber pistol’ was used for the murder. According to an officer involved in the investigation, Patuwar was shot dead by a group of his friends, who had prepared according to the plan of Lal Mohammed, who took Mohammad on a motorcycle.

According to an officer involved in the investigation of the Patuwar murder case, Muhammad and Patuwar, who were killed at that time, were in the group of a person named Munna Khan and were involved in the fake Indian currency business.

According to experts, a person named Munna Khan is Iltaf Hussain Ansari, a resident of Bara, who is called the ‘King of Fake Currency’ in Nepal. At present, he is lodged in Nakhu Jail on charges of illegal transaction of 17 kg of gold and silver and illegal arms.

Upendra Choudhary, Waheed Khan, Ashraf Ali and others in Iltaf’s group were also trading in fake Indian Rupees from Nepal. According to the statement given by Lal Mohammad to the police after he was arrested, he was away from Iltaf after Patuwar.

Mohammad suspected that he, being close to Upendra Chaudhary of the same group, started running another racket of counterfeit notes. “I was distributing them in Nepal after bringing fake Indian currency notes from Bangladesh and Pakistan,” Mohammad said in a statement.

According to an officer involved in the investigation, Iltaf also felt insecure when Patuvar ‘bypassed’ him and started the business of counterfeit currency along with Upendra. At that time Iltaf was running a separate faction along with Yunus Ansari, the main trader of counterfeit notes.

Anamnagar shooting planner Lal Mohammad’s office is on the second floor of the house opposite the shooting spot on Monday. Photo: Gaurav Pokhreli

“Patuvar left the group and went to Choudhury, at which time he started getting closer to Yunus,” an official suspect, “he may have felt at risk because he had all the information about Iltaf’s group’s business.”
Mohammad also indicated this during the statement. “When threatened that the police would arrest me, I, Wahid Khan, Munna Khan and Ashraf planned to kill together,” Mohammad said.

According to sources, Altaf ran a separate forgery gang in Nepal after Ansari was jailed for the first time. At that time, he along with Upendra Choudhary, Sajit Ansari and others used to bring counterfeit notes to Nepal via air from Pakistan.

Says an officer, “The rift between the two had started even before the arrest. Later Lalitpur police recovered more than 5.4 lakh fake varus from Kupandol on 20 October 2066, then it was found that Iltaf had formed a separate faction.

According to sources, by then Yunus and the Iltaf faction were conspiring to strengthen each other by giving information to the police. Although Yunus was in jail, he was dealing in counterfeit notes under the names Iltaf Munna Khan, Altaf Ansari, Sadrul Ansari etc.

He was a social worker and businessman from the village, who also donated to the monastery and school in Bara. So the police officers who went to arrest him used to return empty handed.

At that time, Iltaf gave Lal Mohammad the responsibility of managing counterfeit notes when they were brought to Nepal and brought to India.

Murder by demanding fake 5 lakh rupees

According to the investigating officers, Mohammad had planned to kill Patuwar after talking to Iltaf. According to sources, seeing the threat to the gang from Patuwar, who worked together, planned the murder.

As per the plan, there was a plan to kill Patwar by summoning him to Shah’s cycle shop as he wanted 5 lakh Indian rupees. Accordingly, on 20 June 2064, he went to Lal Mohammad Shah’s cycle shop. But at that time there was another person with Mohammad.

As it turned out later, Balram accompanied Pappu Gupta to the cycle shop on a motorcycle. Gupta said, ‘When the person who came to the cycle shop took Balaram, I also followed behind,’ but after reaching the Dhovikhola bank, the motorcycle stopped, I went to the shore about 150 meters away.

According to Mohammad’s statement, he took Balaram in front of the Melmachi water supply office as per the earlier plan. “As per the plan, Wahid Khan, Munna Khan and Ashraf Ali were sitting there,” he said in the statement, adding, “As per the plan, Munna Khan (Iltaf) fired four-five shots each.”

Iltaf Hussain Ansari, in whose group Lal Mohammad, who was killed on Monday, worked. Iltaf is currently in jail.

Gupta’s statement is that when Balram Patuwar fell on the ground, Mohammad and his friends shot him dead. “I ran away without saying anything because I was afraid that I would die if I was seen,” Gupta said.

But the investigating officers also claimed that Gupta also accompanied Patwar to Baneshwar as per the plan of Lal Mohammad. Therefore, he was also prosecuted as a defendant.

He claimed that he was innocent when he gave his statement to the police and the court. But the court also found Gupta guilty, saying his statement was “unbelievable”.

Call to Pakistan after Patwar’s murder

Mohammad said that after Patuwar’s death he called Pakistan’s WOS and told them that Balram had been killed.

At that time in the Call Detail Record (CDR) obtained from Spice Nepal Pvt Ltd, even a day before the murder, Mohammad called 9803457…. It was seen that he had contacted Pakistan phone number 0092-306285… twice at 8:38 pm and at 8:42 am mobile number.

Eltaf, who was older than Mohammad, dropped out of class VII and started working in a truck. At the same time he contacted the police by giving information about the smuggling. Later, after getting acquainted with Yunus Ansari, he came into the world of fake currency.

He also informed the police about Yunus to spread his business. As a suraki, he was close to the police and boldly carried out illegal activities.

To some extent, Iltaf once worked as an agent for the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Yunus Ansari after being arrested on 10 June 2076 at Tribhuvan International Airport with counterfeit Indian currency notes worth Rs 77.6 million.

Iltaf was in danger after the poll opened. So he was arrested from Bara on 29 July 2077. Police investigation revealed that Ansari, popularly known as ‘Fake Currency King’, was carrying 17 kg of fake gold in a car.

It was alleged that he was also carrying weapons in the car and some police officers were also involved in the incident.

While in jail, a book titled ‘Bablu Srivastava ‘Adhura Khwav’, written by underworld don Bablu Srivastava, describes Iltaf as a resident of Nepal, who used to bring fake notes from Pakistan and do business.

Babbu himself is such a person who once worked in Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company. But after his arrest, the Indian police used him against Dawood.

Another Nike Yunus Ansari was also mysteriously arrested on 10 June 2076 in the counterfeit currency trade. According to the information, he was arrested by taking fake 35 lakh rupees from Pakistan after feeling unsafe outside.

According to him, it was unbelievable for a notorious fraudster like him to go to the Tribhuvan International Airport to pick up a ‘consignment’.

When Ansari was arrested earlier, a man named Manmeet Singh Bhatia tried to kill him inside the Central Jail. But he survived as the shot was not shot due to a technical fault. Singh had entered the jail on the pretext of meeting jailed serial killer Charles Sobraj.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar