The rate of price rise in October was 8.5 percent, in which group how much?

27 June, Kathmandu. There has been some improvement in overall consumer price growth in the 3 months of the current financial year as compared to the previous month. According to the three-month data published by Nepal Rastra Bank, the overall consumer inflation rate for the review period stood at 8.50 per cent. The overall consumer inflation rate stood at 8.64 per cent in August.

Inflation in both the food and beverages and non-food and services sectors improved as compared to the month of August. Inflation in the food and beverages group stood at 8.05 per cent and in the non-food and services group at 8.85 per cent during the month under review. Inflation in August was 8.17 per cent in the food and beverages sector and 9.02 per cent in the non-food and beverages sector.

In the month under review, the annual point inflation of restaurants and hotels sub-group under food and beverages group is 15.91 percent, fruits 12.06 percent, alcoholic beverages 10.24 percent, dairy products and eggs 9.45 percent and tobacco products 8.44 percent.

Similarly, under the non-food and services group, the inflation of transport sub-group is 21.15 percent, health 10.54 percent, furnishings and household appliances 9.45 percent, education 8.11 percent and household articles 7.68 percent.

The inflation rate in October was 6.93 per cent in Kathmandu Valley, 9.42 per cent in Terai, 8.84 per cent in hills and 7.07 per cent in hills. During the period under review last year, the overall inflation in these regions was 3.48 per cent in Kathmandu Valley, 4.01 per cent in Terai, 5.68 per cent in Hills and 3.12 per cent in Hills. According to the central bank, the annual point wholesale inflation rate stood at 13.73 per cent in the month of October. In October last year, such inflation rate was 3.83 per cent.


Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar