The world is also remembering Hitler: MP Reyamazhi

The world is also remembering Hitler: MP Reyamazhi

December 24, Kathmandu. National Assembly member Ramesh Jung Rayamazhi said that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli will be remembered not for good works in history but for bad works.

Speaking at the National Assembly meeting on Friday, MP Reyamazhi said that the world will not forget the dictators. “Only yesterday, an honorable Jew said that history would remember KP Ollie.” Yes, history remembers those who did good, it remembers those who did bad, “he said in the meeting that” as much as The more dictator is remembered, the more Hitler is remembered by the world today. ”

MP Khim Lal Bhattarai said on Thursday that Nepali Prime Minister will always remember Oli for his good works.

According to Rayamazhi, the dissolution of Parliament by the Prime Minister is unconstitutional and undemocratic.

Source: OnlineKhabar