The young man who went to live in Morang was found dead

14 October, Biratnagar. The dead body of a youth was found in the Sunavarshi Municipality of Morang. Ashok Kumar Yadav, 32, of Ward No 4 Butterbari, was found dead.

On Thursday evening, he had left the house saying that he was going to a place called Larikatta to stay in Dhami. On Friday morning, his body was found on the road, about one and a half kilometers from his house.

According to the police, the deceased has a serious stomach injury. Locals claimed that he was killed by stabbing him in the stomach.

District Police Office Morang DSP Deepak Shrestha said that since the incident is suspicious, they have mobilized a police team with trained dogs and proceeded with the investigation. ‘The deceased has a severe stomach injury,’ he said, ‘the incident is suspicious, we have mobilized a team with trained dogs.’

According to Chediya Yadav, ward president of Sunvarshi Municipality-4, the deceased youth works as a tableau. Dhami left the house after being called for work on Thursday. ‘It is a tradition in the village to have Dhami Jhankri’, he said, ‘as he was called to perform Dhami, he left the house last evening saying that he was going to Larikatta, but it is not known whether whether he reached there or not. He demanded an inquiry into the incident and punishment to the culprits.

It is not clear whether Yadav reached the lorry or not. According to DSP Shrestha, on Thursday, he had left the house on motorcycle number 1-02-044 P.3261. On Friday morning, the motorcycle was found parked on the inner road section in the east direction from the house.

His body was found on the road about 10 meters south of where the motorcycle was. His stomach was seriously injured by the sharp weapon and other parts of the body were also injured. DSP Shrestha said that the incident looked suspicious, so the investigation was done in a subtle way. The body of the deceased has been sent to Kosi Hospital for post-mortem.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar