The younger generation using Tiktok for news is increasing

Kathmandu. With the increasing popularity of the TikTok app, there is a tendency to use it as a news source. According to a recent survey conducted in the UK, users of the youth group have started relying on Tiktok for new information and news.

According to a report published by British regulator Ofcom, seven percent of youth use TikTok as a news source. Earlier in 2010, only one percent of young users used Tiktok for news.

As app users are increasing, so too is the way of using it. But most of them run Tiktok for entertainment.

Recently, various media service providers have joined the TikTok platform and started communicating information. 27% of the total UK population uses tiktok. Out of this, users of younger age group are more.

Himal Sanchar