There are no teachers according to the rank in the school, the problem is going on in the class

October 10, Kathmandu. The Education Act provides for a minimum of 7 teacher posts in schools up to the higher secondary level (12th standard), 5 at the secondary level (10th standard) and 4 teacher posts at the secondary level (1-8).

Similarly, there is a provision to have at least 3 teachers for classes 1-5 and 2 teachers for classes 1-3. However, some schools do not have a minimum number of positions. Despite having vacancies in government schools, teaching-learning is not being effective due to shortage of teachers.

There are only two teachers in Rajaji Basic School (1-8) of Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality of Saptari. There are 4 posts. Principal Devnarayan Pandit said that there are only two teachers at present after two teachers retired last June.

Of these, Rajkishore Prasad Singh is compulsorily retiring next November. The principal Pandit says, ‘Now we are two. After November I will be alone. Now there are volunteer teachers but not subject teachers. That’s why I have sought maths and science teacher.’

He said that the subject would not be taught by the 4 volunteer teachers arranged by the ward office. Principal Pandit said that the lower classes are taught by volunteer teachers and two people including himself are teaching the higher classes.

‘There are 367 students in our school’, he says.

There are only two teachers in the National Basic School of Tilathi Koiladi, in which the post of 4 teachers is vacant. Pro. Praveen Karna said that due to lack of teachers, he is teaching many subjects.

He said, ‘There will be problem in teaching without teachers’, he said, ‘The village council is making the process of teacher management. I hope it will happen after the elections. It is seen that the quality of education is not improving due to shortage of teachers of specified rank in government schools. Rajesh Kumar Jha, head of the education department of the rural municipality, says that there is a shortage of teachers at the basic level in 17 schools of the municipality. He said that they are discussing the issue of contractual appointment or matching of posts in place of those who retired last June.

There is a similar problem in Hanumandutt Vishwanath Janata Basic School of Manara Siswa Municipality-10 of Mahottari. Though there are 3 posts, there is only 1 teacher. By last June there were two.

Roman Niroula, school inspector of the municipal education branch, says that since there is no school management committee, it is not possible to transfer teachers or keep them on contract.

There is only one headmaster in Sahdev Sahni Primary School of Manara Siswa Municipality. There is only one post in this school up to class four. Inspector Niraula says, ‘When he came under the municipality from the education department, there was only one post there. But two days ago, the municipality had arranged for only one teacher, because it was seen that there would be difficulty in teaching if there was one teacher.

He said that when there was only one teacher, there were complaints that the teacher was ill or had to go somewhere for training or administrative work.

It is necessary to meet the student-teacher ratio in order to appoint more than the minimum number of teachers prescribed by the Act. For example, if a school numbered at least 4 asks for a fifth teacher, the number of students should be 250. Although there are 150 students in Nimavi, there are 4 positions because subject teachers are needed.

The student teacher ratio for additional positions should be obtained. The education rules state that the student-teacher ratio should be 1 teacher for 40 students in the mountains, 1 teacher for 45 students in the mountains and 1 teacher for 50 students in the plains and valleys.

administrative work or teaching

The government has not given the posts of staff in the schools. Basic schools will have one teacher and administrative work will also be done by him.

Chet Bahadur Ghele, the headmaster of Kalbhairav ​​Basic School located in Bakaiah Rural Municipality-12 of Makwanpur, is also a teacher and administrator himself. “An assistant arranges lunch for the children, keeps the classroom clean,” he says, “I am the only one who teaches classes 1 to 3 and does administrative work.”

Ghele said that when he starts teaching while doing administrative work, then administrative work will be missed. He said that even if he can work from home in the morning and evening, then if he has to deposit it in the municipality and other government offices, then there is an obligation to build a school.

Also if he has to go for training or gets sick then is forced to close the school, he says, ‘I am not satisfied with teaching the parents in between, but what can I do? Am!’

As per the quota matching process, schools with less than 25 students will have one teacher.

What is the status of Personnel Management?

According to the Education Act 2028, the government started giving posts to schools from 2029. The employees appointed at that time are now getting pension. After that the posts of school staff have not been opened.

School employees are protesting to open the posts of school staff. A high level commission was set up in 2064 to solve the problem caused by his agitation.

The commission reported on staffing on the basis of student-teacher ratio (STR). According to him, the school will have an office assistant from classes 1st to 3rd, a staff member from classes 1st to 5th and a staff assistant, but if the number of students exceeds 680, the administration will have to appoint them. assistant worker.

If there are more than 680 students in the schools from class I to VIII, then an office assistant will be appointed and if more than this, an office assistant and a shopkeeper will be appointed as service facilitator.

The report recommends that schools in grades 1-10 should have an office assistant, a friend, a support staff (accountants) and an administrative staff.

If a school in classes 1-12 has more than one thousand students, the office should have an assistant, a watchman, an accountant, an accounts assistant and a librarian. But according to the report, so far only a few schools are getting government subsidy for payment of salaries of the employees.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar