There will be 41 people in the working committee of the Volleyball Association, 9 will be vice-presidents

August 1, Kathmandu. The working committee of Nepal Volleyball Association is going to have 41 members. According to the amended constitution of the Volleyball Association, it is proposed to add two officers to the working committee. After this, the 39-member working committee will now have 41 members.

The Association’s election and annual general meeting will be held on August 22. According to the new Sports Act, it is mandatory to amend the constitution for the election of the association, so the Volleyball Association formed a three-member Bishan Amendment Drafting Committee in coordination with Ganga Bahadur Thapa.

The draft prepared by the committee was approved in the ninth plenary meeting of Nepal Volleyball Association held on Tuesday.

“Now, after the General Assembly approves the amended law, this system will be implemented from the next time.” “The current election will lead to a 39-member working committee,” the association’s vice-president Neeroz Maske said.

Both added officers are vice presidents. Previously, there were 7 vice-presidents including 5 elected. According to the amended constitution, there will be 9 vice-presidents.

Seven vice-presidents will be elected, representing all seven provinces. Two vice presidents will be nominated,’ said Musk, who is a presidential contender.

Neeroz mask.

According to the present constitution, 25 people will be elected in the Volleyball Association and the remaining 14 people will be nominated. After the approval of the new constitution, 27 people will be elected and 14 people will be nominated.

Franchise numbers also rigged

Similarly, the number of voting rights to participate in union elections has also been changed in the amended constitution.

In which 41 members of the Central Working Committee, 21 people including 3 representatives including 1 female from each state volleyball association, 77 people including 1 representative recommended by each district volleyball association and 1-1 male and female volleyball players selected from amongst former international There will be 141 people.

Currently there are 136 voting rights, 133 people will be able to vote in the election to be held on 22 August.

Since the history of the establishment of the Volleyball Association in the year 2033 must be mentioned in the statute, the date of establishment has also been included in the amended statute. Also it includes the definition of player.

Similarly, a federation of 13 members will be formed in each municipality to take volleyball to the local level.

As per the federal structure, Nepal Volleyball Association will be expanded to 7 provinces, 77 districts and 753 municipalities. The amended law also stipulates that the Nepal Volleyball Association will be a non-profit organization. Earlier, 20 percent women officers were mandatory in the union, now 33 percent women officers are mandatory.

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Himal Sanchar