Those who have not declared their expenditure in local elections can no longer be candidates: Chief Commissioner Thapliya

August 27, Kathmandu. Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapliya has said that the candidates who do not give the details of expenditure in the local level elections, they will not be allowed to contest the elections to the state assembly and the House of Representatives.

Speaking at an event in Kathmandu on Monday, he said that 115,000 local election candidates have not submitted their expenditure details and action should be taken.

Thapliya said he could be fined Rs 500,000 and banned from being a candidate for 6 years. There will be no nomination of candidates on 23rd.

Thapliya said action would be taken against those who won the local elections if they did not disclose their expenditure. He said that a decision would be taken on Monday regarding action against those who did not give details of expenditure in the local elections. “After the action, the commission will not accept the candidates who appear in proportion and in each case,” he said.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar