Tiktok is banned in UK too

3 Chait, Kathmandu. Britain has also announced a ban on popular social media app TikTok, which is owned by a Chinese company.

Britain has banned TikTok on government equipment considering it a security threat.

Earlier, the United States, Denmark and Belgium banned the installation and use of the TikTok app on government equipment.

The British Parliament announced this on Thursday. United Kingdom Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden introduced a motion in parliament to ban TikTok on government equipment. Parliament supported the motion.

According to Minister Dowden, dangerous apps like Tiktok pose a threat to government data and information.

He said that the security of sensitive government information is the first priority of the government. He also said that this step has been taken in consultation with security experts.

He also said that the government’s policy on banning TikTok and managing third party applications on government equipment will be further strengthened. with the help of agency

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