Tosima Karki’s candidature will continue or not? have to decide today

28 October, Kathmandu. Lalitpur-3 Dr. It will be decided on Monday whether Tosima Karki’s candidature will remain intact or not.

The application filed by the Election Commission against Karki, who became a candidate from the National Independent Party, is to be heard in the Supreme Court on Monday.

Karki’s candidature will be debated in the bench of judges Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada and Til Prasad Shrestha and the order will probably come from the Supreme Court on Monday itself. On the application of the Election Commission, the Supreme Court will hear on the first priority.

Dr. did not resign as elected member of Nepal Medical Council. Karki filed his nomination from Lalitpur-3.

The Election Commission, which did not take any decision during the protest, later decided that his candidature would be rejected as he was in a position of advantage.

Dr. Karki went to the Supreme Court against the decision of the Election Commission. A bench of Justice Dr. Kumar Chudal, while passing an interim order in favor of candidate Karki, observed that the elected members of the Medical Council cannot be said to be in a position of profit.

The Election Commission moved the Supreme Court seeking that the order should be an interim order and its decision should be implemented, saying the order was erroneous and was contrary to the order passed by another bench of the Supreme Court on the same day.

The Supreme Court gave this order on Monday. It seems that it will be decisive whether Karki’s candidature will remain intact or not.

If the Supreme Court continues the old interim order and orders that the candidature will continue, he will be allowed to contest the election.

In case the interim order is not continued, the decision of the Election Commission to cancel his candidature shall prevail. And, she will be out of the competition.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar