Tosima trying to remove from election field

8 November, Kathmandu. Citing ‘noise pollution’, the Election Commission instructed Lalitpur-3 candidate Dr. Toshima Karki not to ring the bell during the election campaign.

Karki supporters took out a victory rally on Thursday by ringing this bell. After Karki announced her candidacy as an independent candidate in the November 4 House of Representatives elections, she was set to contest the election with the bell symbol of the National Swatantra Party.

One of the most discussed candidates in this election is Dr. Tosima. Karki’s status as a member of the Nepal Medical Council was tried to hinder his visit to Parliament. After this dispute reached the Supreme Court, all eyes were fixed on Toshima.

Tosima returned to the electoral fray after the Supreme Court initially clarified that the allowance she received from the council did not count as government benefits and perks. Then he said, ‘They tried to take me off the field. All tactics were adopted to defeat me. But, I am not going to give up like this.

The voters of his constituency also say that the confrontation with the Election Commission has given him a lot of publicity. A local UML leader says, “Had the Election Commission not rejected his candidature, the UML would have won.” The decision of the Commission to cancel his candidature turned the atmosphere in his favor.

After the Supreme Court stayed the decision of the Election Commission to cancel the candidature, the Commission again went to the Supreme Court. This matter is still pending.

Karki was accompanied by father Padma Bahadur Karki and mother Deepa Karki, who were contesting the elections with the candidate of the larger party.

When Online News met Karki’s mother, Deepa, on the same day the Commission directed not to ring the bell, she said in tears, “She will not even be allowed to campaign.” Karki reminds his mother, ‘Don’t worry, the commission has promoted us.’

Karki’s election campaign was carried out with the help of family members and well-wishers. When others including Lavalaskar were campaigning, there were people who voluntarily came to Tosima’s rally. Though not a voter of Lalitpur, Baitadi Dilsaini’s Shrikant Rana Chhetri worked in Karki’s election campaign for about one-and-a-half months.

Chhetri says, ‘I came when there was no team to help Didi. This one and a half month, I took part in the election by staying at my sister’s house. While the other candidates were campaigning, Karki had to remain supreme. While Karki was embroiled in several legal tussles, there was a strong atmosphere in his favor in Lalitpur-3.

Toshima left a deep impression among the youth, women and elders. In a survey conducted by Online Khabar on the day of voting, most of the women, youth and elders said that they voted for Toshima.

In 064 and 074, Lalitpur-3 sent its representative to Maoist Bhusal. In 070, he sent Madan Bahadur Amatya of Congress as his representative. However, this time Latilpur lost faith in the old party. Lalipur demanded a change. Karki had already sensed that voters were looking for a change.

Karki claimed that the basis of his victory before the election was the change voters were looking for. And now his claim has come true.

He said, ‘The basis of my victory and confidence is the change we all are looking for. Every class, region, party and people within the party are looking for change. The search for that change is the basis of my candidature and my victory.

Nakkhu, grew up in Lalitpur. Dr. Tosima is MBBS from Kisht Medical College and MS (Masters in Surgery) from Kathmandu University. Karki, a committed supporter and helper of Satyagrahi Dr. Govind KC, actively supported KC’s medical education reform campaign from the very beginning.

Enthusiastic about the case registered under her leadership, Dr. Tosima is thinking of raising the issue of education and health in Parliament this time and taking the initiative to make laws related to it.

She was a teacher at Patan Institute of Health Sciences before being nominated as a member of the House of Representatives. He claims to have advocated ‘good medical practice’ in his profession.

The voters also have the same expectations. Local 55 year old Kedar Prasad Bajgai Dr. Tosima hopes to build 3 community hospitals in Lalitpur. He says, ‘There is no community hospital in our area. Doctor. Toshima has said that he would do so if elected as a member of the House of Representatives. We are sure that his promise will be fulfilled.

Tosima is a member of a generation that expresses anger towards politics. Tosima, who belongs to a generation that considers politics as a ‘dirty game’, says that she has entered politics to clean up the clutter and garbage seen in politics. With this victory, she has reached a position to make the so-called ‘dirty game’ of politics a fair.

Breaking with the traditional practice of becoming a parliamentarian only after being involved in a political party for a long time, Toshima got a chance to start politics as a parliamentarian.

On the occasion, she promised to make herself a people-centric person in Parliament and not a chair-centric person, saying, ‘I will show myself as a parliamentarian to be proud of’. Now it has to be seen whether this promise will be fulfilled like the promise made before the election that he will not leave the ground.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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