transfer in 75 houses of banke chaufferi village

October 21, Khajura (Banke). 75 houses of Chaufferi village of Banke Duduva Rural Municipality-1 have been displaced due to floods caused by incessant rains in river Rapti.

Rupan Gyawali, Information Management Officer of the District Emergency Operation Center, said that the entire village was submerged due to the flood caused by the river and water entered the houses.

According to him, after the floods flooded the village, a team including Red Cross workers and police rescued the local residents and kept them in a shelter. Official Gyawali said, ‘Initial information is that dozens of houses have been completely damaged in Chaupheri village, the rain has not stopped yet, the details of the damage will be collected only after the flood subsides, now the first priority is to save the people. Safe.’

Around 300 houses have been flooded and dozens of houses have been damaged in the Lallo coastal area of ​​Banke. Under Banke Duduva Rural Municipality-1, three hundred houses of Chauferi, Krishi Chauferi and Pajha villages have been submerged due to the floods caused by rain in Rapti river. Local resident Ganesh Gupta told that the clothes of Annapat kept inside the house have been damaged due to the flood.

The villagers who live between the river Rapti and the river are suffering. Village president Narendra Kumar Choudhary told that after entering the water house, he was kept in the shelter made by the village council. It is still raining.

Rapti river has crossed the danger mark due to rain. The water level of Rapti river in Banke’s Kusum has crossed 5.95 meters due to incessant rains. When the water level in the Rapti river reaches 5 meters 40 cm, it is considered in danger. According to the Water Measurement Center at Banke, the water level of the river in Kusum has reached 5.95 meters today at 6:30 am.

Chief District Officer Surya Bahadur Khatri urged the nearby citizens to be on high alert as the danger level may rise as it is still raining incessantly.

After the flood of the Rapti river, there is flood in the low-lying coastal areas of Fatepur, Gangapur, Holiya, Bethany, Kamdi village and other places. Water has accumulated at most places in Nepalganj, Kohalpur, Khajura Bazar area. It is still raining, making it difficult for the common people to go out.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar