Transportation of food via livestock in remote areas of Tapaljung for decades

Transportation of food via livestock in remote areas of Tapaljung for decades

September 25, Fungling. Mules, buffaloes and yaks have been providing food for decades in the remote area of ​​Taplejung. Animals have been transporting consumer goods, including food, for decades in areas that do not yet have access to roads and transport.

As the Dashain festival draws closer, locals are transporting essential food items including mules, donkeys and yaks. Till now the road has not reached Mamankhe while the road has reached Yamfudin.

According to locals, due to lack of transport in Phaktanglung Municipality-7, Olangchung Gola, Yangma and Ghunsa area and Mikwakhola Municipality-5, Papung and Tokpagola area, goods are being transported by mules and yaks. Kailas Limbu, a local resident of Mamankhe, said that they are already carrying donkeys to carry essential items.

Limbu says there is no option to transport goods by mule as there is no access to roads and transport. Tenzing Sherpa, a local from Faktanglung-7, said locals are carrying mules, buffalo and yaks for the festival.

Sherpa said that local consumers and rural businessmen have been transporting consumer goods by mules, chauris and yaks. Faktanglung-6 is used to carry food items to the lele. After that, it is taken on foot for two-three days by mule, chauri and yak.

They have been transporting goods from Khamdime Bazar and Telok Bazar of Sirijanga Municipality to the village by mule. Similarly, Bishnu Rai of Yamfudin told that the mule was taken to the village after the mule was taken by tractor to the road track.

Ghunsa resident Tansi Tenzing Sherpa told that some limited material was being transported by the porters. He said that mules have been used in the transport of consumer goods as they have stopped getting porters recently.

According to the locals, the transportation of goods by mule will be faster than that of porter and the transportation cost will be cheaper.

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