Trivandrum Anarsavviyu’s note paper – Partial Professor without competition

Trivandrum Anarsavviyu's note paper - Partial Professor without competition

9 Manseer, Kathmandu. The All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (ANNISU) has warned the part-time/contract professors of Tribhuvan University not to become permanent without competition.

Anarshwaviyu has warned of agitating against the appointment of professors appointed on part-time contract at different times in Tribhuvan University on political pretext to make them permanent without merit and competition.

The UNRWA on Thursday submitted a letter to the Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University, threatening to launch a strong agitation over policy arrangements to make permanent partial/contract professors appointed on political grounds.

The attention letter submitted by UNRWA mentions that TRIVI itself will be a participant in the outcome of the agitation created by wrongdoing against the dignity of the University.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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