Trupti Nadkar’s video message to Nepali fans: Watch son Dheeraj’s film

Kathmandu. Dheeraj Nadkar may have two chapters regarding his film ‘Babri’, which releases on Friday. First- continuing the ‘legacy’ of mother and actress Trupti Nadkar and second- establishing herself as an actor.

Apart from these two aspects, other things are secondary to him. The box office arithmetic of the film is out of their control. At least there is no pressure on him to make the film a hit in his first film.

Talking to Khabar online, Dheeraj said that he did not feel any pressure. “I want to introduce myself as an actor. I learn and know. My mother has also inspired me,’ he says.

Dheeraj is currently in Nepal for film promotions. Trupti has been completely absent from Nepali films since Gopikrishna Movies’ Kusume Rumal 2 in 2009. She is associated with the teaching profession in India.

Tripti, who has acted in family drama films such as Remembrance, Kusum Rumal, Saino, Lahore, Koseli, Ammi Kakh and Duniya, is a stark contrast between the latest generation of Nepali films. Through his son Dheeraj, the desire to bridge this gap seems to be fulfilled. Dheeraj, on the other hand, also wants to continue his mother’s acting legacy.

Trupti has issued a video message asking Nepali fans to watch and like Dheeraj’s film Babri. The real life chemistry between mother and son can be seen in the video.

Dheeraj is happy that he got a chance to work in a Nepali film in his 10-year film career. ‘I got friends and family from Babri. What is even more gratifying is that I have been able to continue my mother’s legacy,’ he says.

Nadkar has worked with Aditi Budhathoki and Dheeraj Magar in the tri-story based film ‘Babri’.

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