Twitter now has three-color verification, a blue mark for individual accounts

Since Elon Musk took control of the social network, Twitter is constantly changing. Musk bought the micro-blogging site Twitter for $44 billion.

Musk wants to earn money from Twitter’s verification badge i.e. Twitter Blue Tick and he is preparing to make it a subscription based service. However, Musk’s efforts have not yielded any positive results yet.

As soon as Musk implemented the rule of paying fees for Blue Tick, people started misusing it. Various other companies had to bear crores of rupees due to misuse of the rule of paying $8 monthly fee. Then Musk immediately stopped the subscription of Blue Tick. Now Musk is planning to launch this service in a new way.

what’s the plan?

Elon Musk will no longer just put blue ticks for verification on Twitter. In the near future, there will be three different colored verification icons for Twitter account verification. Musk himself gave this information on Twitter. Musk wrote, ‘I apologize for the delay, we are launching the verified service from next Friday.’

According to him, Twitter will now have three different colored badges. It will have Gold, Gray and Blue colors. Gold badges will be awarded to companies, while gray badges will be awarded to governments and government agencies. Similarly, Blue Tick will be given to celebrity or any person. All those verified accounts can also be authenticated manually.

Scheme to provide verification for a fee

Earlier on Twitter, the verification badge i.e. blue tick was considered as the standard of officiality. After verifying the user’s document, it is provided on the basis of his/her status and job. But Musk is now planning to convert it into a paid subscription service.

Last time when Musk announced this paid subscription service some users had bought Blue Tick and changed their account name to the company name. Then he made some misleading tweets, which also affected the share price of the companies.

The biggest example of this is ‘Eli Lilly’. A user changed the name of his account to Illy Lily and tweeted that from now on insulin will be available for free. That tweet created a sensation, people thought that the tweeting account was the official account of the company. Due to this the share price of the company fell. However, Twitter later suspended the parody account.

Musk does not want to repeat the mistake again

After the incident, Musk does not want to take any such decision in haste. Now the official gray color symbol can be seen on the accounts of various companies and organizations on Twitter.

According to the news, initially the new verification badge update will be released for iOS users. Then it will be brought to Android users.

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Himal Sanchar