US sanctions on more than a dozen Chinese companies

December 14, Kathmandu. The US government has banned trade with 12 more Chinese companies as tensions between the two countries increase over Taiwan.

The United States has banned trade with more than a dozen Chinese companies, including eight technology companies, citing national security and foreign policy. The United States has accused some companies of helping the Chinese military develop its quantum computing program.

Eight Chinese technology companies have been placed on the US entity list saying they are trying to acquire products made in the United States for Chinese military purposes and to support the Chinese military’s quantum computing program.

It should be noted that since the time of former President Donald Trump, the US government has been increasingly using the entity list for national security purposes.

According to the US Department of Commerce, the list also includes 16 other organizations and individuals operating in China and Pakistan. The US said in a statement that it was involved in Pakistan’s unsafe nuclear activities and its ballistic missile program.

In addition, 27 companies and individuals from China, Japan, Pakistan and Singapore have recently been added to the US entity list.

Russia’s Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has been added to the US Department of Commerce’s list of military personnel.

The United States said in a statement that the listing would “prevent the use of American technology in Chinese and Russian military developments as well as Pakistan’s unsafe nuclear activities.”

Listed companies and US companies selling goods to individuals will now be allowed to do so only with a license from the government.

Significantly, in 2019, the US included Chinese technology company Huawei in the entity list. The United States said in a statement that China was spying on the United States through Huawei and was a threat to US national security.

As a result, Huawei’s ties with major US suppliers broke down and its smartphone business collapsed. But the Chinese government has denied the allegations of industrial espionage. from bbc

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Himal Sanchar