Vegetable costs can’t improve

Sale of vegetables also increased in Kalimati market due to demonetisation


23 August, Kathmandu. The value of the physique (stem), which was Rs 25 per kg a month in the past, has now reached Rs 75. For one kg of cauliflower, you’ll have to pay 90 rupees, which is offered for 65 rupees. Ghiraunla accessible for Rs.17.50 has elevated from Rs.70 to Rs.70 and Bhindi from Rs.28.50 to Rs.55.

It has elevated from Rs 25 to Rs 55 and bitter gourd from Rs 20 to Rs 85. The costs of low season greens are skyrocketing.

If we take a look at the typical wholesale value offered by the Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Development Committee for a month i.e. on eighth July and Wednesday twenty third August, the costs of greens have elevated as much as 4 occasions.

Prices of Ginger, Potato (Red/White), Local Cauliflower, Cucumber, Green Chilli (Akbare), Carrot Local, Lamb Small (Tunnel), Ghee Bean (Local/Hybrid/Tet), Ghirola and different greens have elevated. Similarly, chamsoor greens, neuro, zucchini greens, mustard greens, coriander leaves, chichindo, mushroom (lentils), prawns, bitter gourd, parvar (native), onion inexperienced, persimmon (prawn/inexperienced dallo), physique (stem) / Maize) Committee stated that the costs of broccoli, brinjal (Bamboo / Lamcho), okra, sheep pepper, purple bandha, garlic (inexperienced / dry Nepalese), squash, white radish hybrid and squash have additionally gone up.

Price of bitter gourd elevated 4 occasions, what’s the value of different greens?

The value of bitter gourd has elevated greater than 4 occasions per kg on Wednesday as in comparison with July 8. On July 8, the value of bitter gourd was Rs 20 per kg. On Wednesday, it has elevated by Rs 65 to Rs 85 per kg.

The value per kg of stem physique and ghirau has elevated thrice. The value of the physique has gone up from Rs 25 on July 8 to Rs 75 on Wednesday. Similarly, on July 8, the value of Ghirau was Rs 17.50 per kg. But on Wednesday, the value rose to Rs 60 per kg.

Similarly, the costs of watermelon, garlic, inexperienced cauliflower and inexperienced coriander have greater than doubled. The value of bottle gourd has elevated from Rs 25 per kg on July 8 to Rs 55 on Wednesday. Similarly, the typical value of inexperienced garlic, broccoli and coriander rose by Rs 145, Rs 230 and Rs 263 to Rs 290, Rs 375 and Rs 400 per kg, respectively.

Why did the value rise?

Vinay Shrestha, data officer of Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Development Committee, says that on this season the costs of greens will improve on this approach yearly.

He stated that as a result of arrival of some greens from the extent of farmers to Kathmandu, the costs of greens have additionally elevated. They declare that the costs of greens that are in excessive demand have additionally elevated to some extent.

He stated that the costs of greens have elevated as a consequence of rotting of greens planted by some farmers as a consequence of rain. He stated that 13.5 lakh 7 thousand 938 kg greens have arrived in Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market since August.

The fundamental greens of the autumn in costs

The costs of some greens have come down in a month. The costs of 5 kinds of greens have come down. According to the committee, the costs of lamb (native), giant lamb (Indian), beetroot, dried Chinese garlic and purple radish have come down.

While the value of Golbheda (native) is Rs. 12.50 has been positioned. Similarly, on Wednesday, the value of beetroot fell by Rs 40 to Rs 95. Similarly, massive lamb (Indian) and radish (purple) fell by Rs.10 every to Rs.55 and Rs.35, respectively, whereas dried garlic (Chinese) fell by Rs.5 to Rs.200.

costs secure

The costs of 11 kinds of greens have been discovered to be secure. The committee stated the costs of mushroom (lady), copper, pindaloo, dried onion (Indian, banda (native), radish white (native), soybean pod, chilli (dry/inexperienced) and gante radish remained secure.


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