Votes allowed to Maoist rebels

7 November, Kathmandu. Surul Panmagar, who rebelled from the CPN-Maoist center and contested as an independent candidate, has been elected as the member of the provincial assembly from Rukum East.

He won the support of the CPN-UML and defeated Tej Bahadur Wali, the official candidate of the Maoist Center, by a margin of 533 votes. Poonamar got 4 thousand 465 votes in state assembly 1 and Vali got 3 thousand 932 votes. Dhan Bahadur KC of the Nepali Congress won the second state assembly on behalf of the ruling coalition.

Maoist leaders in Rukum East also joined the discussion after the announcement of elections to the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly from Kathmandu. During the discussion, Surul and other local leaders suggested the leadership to make candidates keeping in mind the geography, area and community. Till then Surul had not presented his claim.

Wali and some other leaders, who were former MPs from the state, staked claim to the state assembly constituency 1. Wali also got the ticket. Dissatisfied with this, Surul decided to contest the election as a rebel candidate.

After winning the election, Surul said in a telephonic conversation with Online News, “He (Tej Bahadur Wali) repeatedly came without giving tickets to his friends from that region and geography, after that I gave the rebel candidature.”

Surul says, “When we were raising voice within the party that we should have candidates from that region, geography and community, our leadership accused them of casteism and regionalism. Have continuously fought for rights, when they raise their voice they accuse them of casteism.

The UML, which is the third force in the district, supported Surul by neutralizing the candidature of its candidate Tejendra Budhamar. And he won with disgruntled voters within the Maoists and also with the UML.

According to a Maoist district leader, local Maoist leaders and workers were of the opinion that Tej Bahadur Wali should not repeat himself this time and Rukum should be the candidate of the previous leader. However, when Wali was reiterated, there was dissension within the Maoists, which Surul took advantage of.

On the other hand, Surul himself was one of the Maoist war commanders and had suffered a lot during the war, so it seems that the sympathies of the Maoist electorate shifted towards him.

base of victory

He has given the credit of his victory to two things. According to him, the first premise is the understanding that the Maoists have not done justice to those who have been suffering for years within the party. Explaining the reason for his victory, he said, ‘I worked in the party for 30 years,’ there are many friends in the party who fought as Janmukti Sena yesterday, including me. People here have a feeling that Maoists do not judge such people, they should be taken care of.

Pun says that the public is standing against the tendency of only one leader to take advantage of another’s base. He says, “Those who are roaming within the party have repeatedly benefited only themselves.” People here could not agree with this trend.

Putha of Surul Pradesh Sabha ‘1’ is from Uttarganga region and Vali is from Pradesh Sabha ‘2’. Nepali Congress has got ticket from the alliance in 2 constituencies this time. Dhan Bahadur KC candidate of Nepali Congress. He has won.

Surul had participated in the Maoist war. He was also the assistant commander of the then Maoist Brigade and was injured in the attack on Rukum’s Mahat and Solukhumbu headquarters. His friends left him for dead. Tributes were paid to his name and his name was added to the list of martyrs. However, he survived. After contacting the party, he removed his name from the list of martyrs.

‘After my friends dropped me in the woods, there was no water,’ he recalls, ‘as a last resort, I even drank my own urine to survive.’

After the Maoists joined the peace process, he went to the militant camp and stayed. During army adjustment, he chose voluntary discharge. Then he got involved in party activities.

Though he shed blood and sweat for the Maoists, he felt wronged by his own leaders. rebelled against it. And won with the support of UML.

What will be his political path in future? On this question, he said that he will not join any party. He said, ‘I have not thought which party I will join now, instead of being tied to any party, I will serve the people. The people made me win by voting, I will work in the people’s bondage.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar