Water supply stalled in Birendranagar due to spring floods

October 21, Surkhet. Due to incessant rains, the water supply in the Birendranagar valley has been cut off due to landslides in the springs. Water supply in Virendranagar valley was cut off from 2 pm on Thursday after landslides occurred in Juparkhola, Kharikhora and Borikhol mouths.

Surkhet Valley Drinking Water Consumer Organization, which is distributing drinking water in Birendranagar, the capital of Karnali, said that drinking water supply has come to a standstill due to water filling in all drinking water sources.

Kulmani Devkota, the organization’s president, said that it would not be possible to leave the Khonpani in the valley for a few days due to sewage mixed with the water, apart from entering the Khonpani source for the first time. Landslides have occurred in all the waterfalls. The details of where and how much damage has been caused due to incessant rains are not available.

Speaker Devkota said that till the rain does not stop, water supply will not be possible. As the flood flow to the sources subsides, we have hired staff to hold the water in the main transmission pipeline and operate the water supply to the processing centers as soon as the turbidity subsides. Now the work is being done to get the details of the damage.

Birendranagar, which has a population of around 280,000, seems to be facing problems due to lack of timely supply of water. According to Speaker Devkota, an average of 49 lakh liters of water is being supplied daily in Birendranagar during the rainy season.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar