We deserved the win, says Chelsea coach Tuchel

30 July, Kathmandu. Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel has said that only his team deserves a win in the game against Tottenham.

In the London derby match at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea took the lead twice and had to settle for a draw. The match ended in a 2-2 draw after Harry Kane scored in the sixth minute of injury time.

In my opinion, Tottenham should not have scored both. “It’s hard to accept in times of VaR,” Tuchel told BBC Sports after the game.

Tuchel said both Tottenham goals should not be accepted. Kai had a clear advantage before the first goal. Richelieu was offside. “When can you pull hairs on the football pitch,” Tuchel said. This is without explanation for me and I don’t want to accept anyone.’

Tuchel also suggested that referee Anthony Tell, who conducted the match, should not officiate in future Chelsea matches. “I don’t think only a few supporters think that way. I can assure you that we all, every single person in the dressing room thinks that way.”

two coaches

Instead of the results of both the teams in the game, the rivalry between the two coaches caught everyone’s attention. Chelsea coach Tuchel and Tottenham coach Antonio Conte were face to face, face to face and nose to nose. Their quarrel went so much that when the game was over, the coaches of both the teams got red cards.

“It was hot from the warm-up, hot between the benches, hot on the pitch and hot in the crowd – everything you want and expect in a game like this at the start of the season,” Tuchel said with a smile. .

After the match, both the coaches got into a fight even while shaking hands. Tuchel alleged that Conte did not look her in the face when they shook hands. ‘In my opinion, you should look into each other’s eyes when shaking hands. He had a strange idea’, said 48-year-old German Tuchel.

However, Conte did not want to give any answer in this matter. ‘If there was a problem, it was between us,’ Conte said, ‘I think whatever happened, we had fun. Next time I’ll pay more attention, shake hands and solve the problem. I will sit on his bench, he will sit on his bench.

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Himal Sanchar