What do Qatari expatriates say about the World Cup?

Kathmandu. Currently, the Football World Cup is being organized in Qatar. Qatari citizens are proud to have hosted the World Cup in their country. But many people are also commenting on the problems faced during the long preparation for the World Cup.

As soon as it was decided that the 2022 World Cup would be held in Qatar, the Qatari government took various preparatory actions. Since 2010, the Gulf country of Qatar has begun to focus on building football infrastructure in preparation for the World Cup. Qatar has been preparing for the World Cup for 12 years, from road expansion to hotel construction.

What do foreign nationals adopting various professions and occupations living in Qatar for a long time say about the World Cup?

Traffic problem due to construction work

Paul Bostani, 31, of Lebanese origin, was born in Qatar. Being born in Qatar, he considers Qatar his home. Qatar is proud to host the World Cup. But he says Qatar suffered a lot during the 12-year construction of the structure.

‘The road was closed the next day after walking on the same road the previous day. He was surprised by such works. He said, ‘The parking problem was there earlier also and even now when the construction work is going on.’

unnecessary rumors in the western media

Kaylee, an American citizen of Syrian descent, has been studying in Qatar since 2019. According to Kaylee, 18, when a Muslim country like Qatar will host the World Cup, people from other countries will get a chance to know more about the Muslim religion. She says, ‘People will get a chance to understand Muslim religion and culture.’

‘There is a lot of hypocrisy going on in the West. Qatar is showing off by writing many rumors about the World Cup,’ she adds, ‘such rumors are especially based on racism. Many lewd comments are being circulated.

He said that there will be challenges in every World Cup and such rumors were spread in Russia and Brazil as well.

They argue that Qatar’s exploitation of foreign workers has also been exaggerated. But FIFA and the Qatari government are responding to these things, he said.

A French magazine published a cartoon mocking Qatar’s human rights, which Kaylee says “there are many laws in France that show religious discrimination.”

Denmark’s players have decided to wear yellow jerseys after Qatar raised the issue of human rights violations. But Kayley said Denmark also has a policy of repatriating Syrian refugees.

A fair to explain the importance of sports

Justin, a 31-year-old Kenyan national, has been living in Qatar since 2012. He came to Qatar to study as a physical trainer. He narrated the experience of suffering a lot during the road expansion in Qatar. It used to take 45 minutes to reach a place which can be reached in 15 minutes. Sometimes, he was unable to visit the patient,’ he says.

But he says that it is a big deal for Qatar to get a chance to host the World Cup. As Qatar began preparations, this World Cup came to Qatar as a good opportunity to spread public awareness about the Games. It has become a trend. Let this process continue even after the World Cup.

a good opportunity to visit the middle east

Smail Kaidus, a Palestinian, was born in Brazil and raised in Doha. A teacher by profession, he says the World Cup is a good opportunity for citizens of other countries to visit the Middle East.

‘Football fans will get a chance to know the Arabic culture. It is a matter of pride not only for Qatar, but for the entire Arab world.

“Come to Habibi Qatar”

Habibi, which means ‘love you to, come to visit Qatar’ in Arabic, says Areli, a 31-year-old travel planner from France.

Seeing the excitement of the World Cup in Doha, he urged others to visit Qatar. But after the start of the World Cup in Qatar, the landlord increased the rent and there was tension. ‘Life has become very expensive. The landlord has increased the rent. However, everything is expensive in Qatar except gas.

He said that the problem of traffic diversion was immense during the construction of structures for the World Cup. This is the first time that one stadium is so close to another. So that the supporters of each team can reach the stadium by bus or train. It will be very easy for them to travel,’ she said.

from Al Jazeera

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