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Nepali parents rush to send their children to school at an early age

It has become a habit for me to write something on Facebook. I was a bit into it because I love posting my thoughts on poetry, poetry or anything. I was not feeling good about my work either.

Reducing the amount of time I spent on social media meant I had to reduce my desire to do so, which gradually made myself extremely busy.

Because of that busyness, it had been a long time since I spent so much time on social media. But having said that, I hardly had a day without looking at social media. Not everyone will pay attention to everything that comes here, but some things will make you think a little more.

As usual, I was scrolling through Facebook one morning. I found a section of a video with the sentence “Listen to the father and mother of the little children”. Maybe it was just a small part of a national television interview. This will be a children’s program.

There was a guest, who was saying- ‘When we address young children with words of high regard, there is a different effect on their mind, so that the child thinks that when someone uses words of medium respect and low respect. If he does, he thinks he is spoiled, and creates an environment where he will not be able to mix in society tomorrow. Which is absolutely wrong. Our parents used to call us you, but today we don’t go on telling you everyone. …’ There were many such things.

Although many other things seem normal, this one really boggled my mind. However, this is not the first time that this topic has made me think about what to say to a child. However, I could neither agree nor deny the intention expressed by the part of the video that ‘young children should be taught the habit of low respect and moderate respect at home, i.e. it is better to address them with those words’ .

I am a teacher by profession. I call my students with high regard. I think by doing this the distance from the children decreases. Therefore, I cannot agree that it is better for children to use low or medium respect than high respect.

In the class of which I am a teacher, there was a fight between two students of that class. They came to me when they could not be with themselves. Trying to understand the reason, one side said, ‘My father and mother do not tell me to you; He replied ‘you said’.

Sometime back, in the class where I was a teacher, two students of that class got into a fight. They came to me when they could not be with themselves. Trying to understand the reason, one side said, ‘My father and mother do not tell me to you; He replied ‘you said’. I was shocked that day, today again I was shocked by a part of that video.

After arguing with myself for a long time, I’ve decided that it’s better to use high regard than to address a child with low regard.

Specifically, we envision an egalitarian society. We have a big debate on this. We shout loudly about not discriminating against anyone on the basis of caste, religion, class, gender, sect or any other, but when we call big people you and small people you or you, We are condemning the discrimination that has been happening since ages. We do not keep on the basis of age.

Publicly, we argue that the child should be taught at home that one can address him as ‘you’, and we make the same argument. However, ‘you’, ‘timmy’ or ‘you’ are only respectful words.

We, who are running behind the window that was beaten by someone in primitive times, saying that the big should be given high esteem and the little one should be given low or moderate respect, we saw the difference in the address of the poor to those of the financially rich. The master’s address to our subordinates, the servant’s address to the master, and we used to call ourselves revolutionaries, but as we grew up we treated small children.

If we really want a better future and a truly egalitarian society for future generations, it seems we have to debate how we can develop a culture of treating everyone equally. When the child is addressed as you at home, he cannot tolerate it if someone outside calls him ‘you’. So, instead of arguing that ‘you’ should also be taught from home, how can a child come out of the house and feel the same behavior even when he comes into the society.

In order to create an environment where everyone in the society is addressed with equal terms, what kind of culture should be taught at home to the next generation should be a matter of debate today. This is what is needed today.

Having said this, it is certainly not to say that it is wrong for all parents to address their children as you or you. But since home is the first school of every child, even if we adhere to the eternal truth that the end of all forms of discrimination must begin at home, it is not necessary to refute the context of treating our children with high respect. .

When a child is addressed at home, you may be addressed and felt humiliated when you go out. So, instead of saying that you should be addressed at home too, are you going to argue that you and our generation should create an environment where you are addressed outside the home?

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