What will the earth be like in the year 2300? AI created this image by combining humans and smartphones

Kathmandu. What will the future be like and what will people look like then? Such a question comes many times in the mind of many people. But where to find the answer? When you search on google, you will get a lot of articles. Actually, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can answer such questions.

The scope of artificial intelligence is continuously increasing. Artificial intelligence chatbots have been in the news for quite some time now.

These chatbots do a lot of work on your request. The name of one such bot is ID Journey, which can also prepare a picture of the future for you. This bot is exclusively for pictures. However, you can also find answers to your questions in the picture.

The better you phrase your question, the better this bot will work in various ways. In addition, the north will also receive an equally excellent picture. Such pictures may also have a future.

Artificial intelligence turned images into images of the future

The chatbot was asked what the Earth would be like in the year 2300. In response, id Journey created four photographs. In that picture the earth looks very different from today. In one part you can see a lot of snow. Similarly, mountains and water can be seen in the other part. There are lots of green and flat areas in the third picture.

Similarly, the second question was that how will the smartphone be in 2050. Till then the design of the smartphone will be largely transparent. Similarly, some phones will have metal frames at the corners. Similarly, in one picture, the speaker is also attached to the frame.

The third question was about the nature of the people. In response to the question, what would people living in America and New Delhi be like by 2050, the AI ​​bot produced some pictures.

However, this ID Journey cannot be used as a chatbot. For this you have to use Discord. First of all you have to create your account and search this bot and add it.

To create any image you need to use a pointer. You can find this sign in a group named Newbeis. You must use the image prompt before issuing an order for any image.

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Himal Sanchar