When Dina asked for the live ticket, Deuba said, ‘De dunga, agar hare toh muh mat dikhana’.

8 November, Kathmandu. In the first week of last October, before the distribution of tickets for the general elections, an interesting question was answered in the Congress.

Mahalakshmi Upadhyaya Dina, the only woman office bearer of the party, clashed with the Prime Minister and Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba and said, ‘Wherever there is a male president from the district president to the state, women do not get anything?’

The topic was training for election. In the meeting attended by Deuba, Prakashman Singh and other leaders, Joint Chief Minister Dina took a stand that she would no longer sit in proportionality, but would fight directly. She always used to say that women should not be left behind.

Deuba replied, ‘He gave me a big challenge. I give the ticket to Dina. But you can’t lose. If you lose, don’t show me your face.’

Deuba kept his promise and gave the ticket to Dina. But Dina could not win the election even by standing straight. What does it mean that everyone who stands for election will win?

Got second vote by defeating Joint General Secretary Dina Makwanpur 1 against Deepak Singh by 2400 votes. RPP Nepal President Kamal Thapa, who was elected by the UML, became the third. Despite losing, Dina’s votes are looking respectable.

Registering her candidature directly, she said, “I could have been number one in proportionality, but I have come to contest directly for people’s approval.”

Even though he lost the election, the challenge he posed to Deuba by showing the status of a woman is interesting. The video of his question and Deuba’s answer is now going viral on social media.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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