When Madhu touches Rajesh Hamal’s feet, fans are divided in favor and opposition.

Kathmandu. Actor Rajesh Humal wears Dashain Tika on the day after Vijayadashami as it is his mother’s annual death anniversary. This time too he commented on Thursday.

The Hamal couple got the vaccine from the hands of the sister and brother. After that Hamal called Madhu and close associates and administered the vaccine. After applying the vaccine, Madhu fell on Hamal’s feet.

This picture of Madhu covering her feet is going viral on Twitter and Facebook. Fans have voted in favor and against this picture.

Some have given feedback that they don’t like wearing legs at all, while others have praised how beautiful the legs look.

Kavita Gharti Magar writes in the comment, ‘This is the condition of the so called educated people of the city. What will happen to the poor village girl?’ While sharing the photo on Twitter, Nirmala Sharma wrote that she has something to say about these pictures.

Rupen Karki writes, ‘Rajesh Bhai, I used to like you till today. You don’t like this pretense at all.’ Ridham Thakuri writes, ‘How many women have been seen pretending to be our great hero Rajesh Hamal.’

There are also many people who support this picture. Those are the opponents. Many have also commented that Madhu followed the rites and betrayed Hamal.

However, the Hamal couple is considered a very popular and ideal couple in the Nepali film industry.

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Himal Sanchar