‘When we see the patient recover, we forget all the pain’

'When we see the patient recover, we forget all the pain'

There is an atmosphere of thousands everywhere, but corona patients are coming to the hospital. Corona patients are coming daily to Trivandrum Teaching Hospital. Every day 20 patients come or 5 of us must be on duty. We are not exempted from duty when the patient is less.

Most of the health workers are not sad that they are not able to celebrate Dashain any time because they are mentally prepared. I am naturally busy as I am in charge of COVID here. This is because I am responsible for admitting, transferring or discharging the patient, depending on the patient’s condition, which is treating the patient and counseling the patient’s family.

Not only doctors and nurses but all the staff associated with hospital services are not allowed to celebrate Dashain as they thought. Because if the lab staff, pharmacy staff, ambulance doctors, staff bus drivers or anyone is not ‘stand by’, the hospital operating system is blocked.

Even without the corona pandemic, my diary doesn’t change much. Because even if the OPD is not operating, the patients admitted in the ward will have to be monitored. If we are careless then there is a risk of big loss. It would be wrong to think that we are sick. Because for the relative of the patient, the family member is everything.

When a patient is admitted to the hospital with other diseases, the patient needs more care, while the corona patient needs more care. If one of the family members falls ill with corona and gets admitted to the RECU during the dashain, the condition of that family will worsen. Because going to the RECU of any corona patient is uncertain. Patients are well aware of this.

Even when doctors and hospitals are giving their 100%, incidents of sabotage and assault are being made public by accusing doctors of negligence. Health workers witnessing such incidents are also under pressure. Especially during the decade when many health workers are on leave, the pressure on the duty doctor is what we are experiencing now.

The dharma of our profession is to provide services by accident. Everyone who comes into this profession understands. But in some cases it is natural to feel sad when you are not with your family during Dashain. That’s not to say that health workers aren’t allowed to celebrate Dashain, but many people miss out on on-site vaccines. Or they are on duty when everyone is having fun in the atmosphere of Dashain. It makes you feel a little uncomfortable. But after entering the hospital, the atmosphere there is different. The sad faces of the relatives of the patients, the health workers are forgetting the crying and crying of the patients admitted in the ward. Everyone’s focus is on saving lives.

I am very happy if the patient I am seeing is cured. I have seen such happiness many times. Forgetting the pain of not being able to celebrate the festival with the family, the families of the sick are happy to rescue the disappointed person. However, when they are not together, the family members get frustrated. They ask for a leave of absence, but they understand the responsibility of the health worker. It is also our responsibility to work closely with the less available manpower so that we do not have to spend much time on vacation.

There have been instances where an emergency patient had to return to the hospital several times over tens of years while singing at home for vaccinations. Once I was going with my family to a relative from my house for vaccination. Due to the emergency case, he had to go to the hospital from the middle of the road. At that time I feel bored. But at other times the family is satisfied as they have to work day and night.

(Dr. Bam is Associate Professor in the Department of Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine at TRI Teaching Hospital)

Source: OnlineKhabar