Who is secretly viewing your Facebook profile? Here’s how to find out

Who is secretly viewing your Facebook profile?  Here's how to find out

26 September, Kathmandu. Users on Facebook, the most popular social media platform, have become so addicted that they even share their personal information on Facebook ranging from getting up, moving, eating and sleeping.

Some people are also earning money from Facebook. In other words, Facebook has become a platform that fulfills almost all our needs.

Making friends on Facebook is very easy. All you have to do is send a friend request to someone you’re a friend of. If he accepts your request, it will be friendship.

However, sometimes friendships on Facebook break down, due to which Facebook friends block or unfriend each other. But they secretly see the Facebook profile of the friend who has been removed from the friend. If you want to know who is viewing your Facebook profile, here is a very simple solution.

iPhone users can easily access the privacy settings of the Facebook app and get information about the people who viewed their profiles.

When using Facebook in web version from computer, the following method should be followed:

  • Log in to Facebook on your laptop or desktop computer
  • Right click anywhere in the timeline and click View Page Source and CTRL + U . press
  • Then ctrl + f . Search BUDDY_ID in the search bar by pressing
  • With BUDDY_ID you get a 15 digit code
  • Search by copying the code and typing in the browser facebook.com/profile ID-15 digit code).
  • Doing so will open the Facebook profile of the person who went directly to your profile.
  • There is another way to find out who is checking your Facebook profile. For this you can take help of Chrome extension. You really should go to Google Chrome and download an extension like Super Viewer for Facebook.

    It tells you who is viewing your Facebook profile. However, it is not possible to determine whether the person concerned viewed your Facebook profile in any of these ways.

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