Why is the Maoist weak in the city?

Once upon a time it was said that people do not join the Communist Party after the age of 25. Walking towards the district around 2046, he said, ‘They are all right, but they have children. The organization of the Communist Party had a lot to do with his way of life. The leaders were underground. Life used to be far from behavior and more than ideals.

That practice gradually disappeared. There is also a danger that the Communist Party will have more old people, and it will become just like an organization of old people. Now we have reached a point where we are concerned about how to bring the youth into the Communist Party.

There is another Nepali proverb about the city – where the power goes out, the Communist Party disappears after a while. It used to be that if the motor road had come and there was little urbanization, they would not have joined the Communist Party, they would have chosen the Congress or any other party.

How to work in the city

What are the daily problems of the people of the city? It was as if we had forgotten the way to fight it. We once took to the streets when KP Oli dissolved the House. We have not hit the streets since the 2074 elections. If we are not able to connect with the life and behavior of the people and the daily problems of the people, then the Communist Party will not last long.

We are weak in the city and especially in the Kathmandu Valley. We are weaker in Kathmandu than Lalitpur and Bhaktapur in the valley. 70 lakh people live in the valley, don’t we have the capacity to lead it? In the city you should be able to fight over small things.

There are 9 brooms in Kathmandu city, all damaged. We should have made it a matter of protest by the people here. If there was a pothole in the city, it should have been the subject of agitation. If there is more pollution then there should have been protest. If there is a problem of water, it should be a matter of agitation.

Has our consciousness not gone on the path of daily protest? If we can integrate the party in the daily struggle, a dense organization will be formed in the city. If you think that the party will be strengthened by increasing the levy once a year in the traditional way or by sending circulars like in the Panchayat period, then it is a misconception. And, it does not develop the party.

Our local committee also had to take the initiative to solve the problem day by day. If there is any problem in ward number 32 of Kathmandu city, then the ward committee should take the initiative there. Others had to march even when they smelled foul. If this issue is towards unity then the district leadership or valley leadership should create an environment where national and international events take place.

We had to live in the streets, houses and government. The government is running Zenten. It is not going according to plan. The Communist Party did not run the government the way it should have. Apart from the occasional heated debate on political issues in the House, it is mostly dead when viewed from the point of view of the daily problems of the people.

People’s issues stopped being raised in the House. We are also inactive in the House. The road is empty. We haven’t gone on the road. It is as if we have learned from the bourgeois party that we have a government, so we should not protest.

10 percent of the elite and 90 percent of the poor live in the city. The poor are directly and indirectly serving 10 percent of the elite class. A visual impairment is the inability to see a large portion of the oppressed public. It’s not like the rich live in the city so they don’t like our party

This practice is not good. Even if our party has a Prime Minister, farmers’ rallies should be taken out on a large scale. There should be a dialogue between the government and the farmers. The government should decide how much it can give and how much it cannot give. Potential issues should be addressed.

Similarly, the more you agitate for the issues of youth, students, women, caste, language, development, the stronger the government, class and party will be. The more aware our side, the class, the stronger we will become. When we stop raising people’s issues, people will follow whoever raises this issue in the city.

In West Bengal where Jyoti Basu ruled for 25 years, the CPI does not have a single seat. He started arranging papers, office. Mamta Banerjee’s party continued the agitation raising the issues of the people. The Indian Congress, which ruled India for a long time, is now sitting innocently. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took up some agenda and went to the government.

Let’s do something people can believe

We sent friends working in the village to work in the city in a sort of underground era, didn’t they make it? Are they not qualified on their own merit? It is one thing to study classical Marxism deeply while sitting in a room, but it is quite another to conduct class struggle in practice. Will the path of struggle in the village not work in Kathmandu? Our weakness – how to train in the city, didn’t we go in a different direction? Weren’t there city contradictions? Because there are toll-toll contradictions here. The problems are also different.

I have many friends around New Road. There are shoe polishers, sugarcane millers and porters. I sit with them and have tea. Having trouble arranging them. Porters also have trouble. Shoe polishers also have trouble. This should be our issue. People of Madhesh are carrying vegetables in many places, their problem should be understood. They are sitting after getting their hair cut, what is their problem, we had to see. What’s wrong with the people, what’s wrong with the people? The organization had to intervene at that place.

Dozens of our comrades were arrested due to strikes, processions, office siege programs, office locks, many corruption and bribery at various places of ours. They were on the run, and had to be arrested. If this happens, we will stand with the people. And they fight for our people too.

We see each other once in five years. There is no search for those who are members of the party. And how do you go to ask for votes in one go? Our present situation is natural. This is a clear indication that we have not gone among the people. Attraction can arise as soon as we approach people about the issue we are going through. Today not tomorrow, but if we work for 6 months or a year then it can create attraction.

Why our organization has not expanded in the city should be seriously reviewed. It is true that it is not so. In one of the 32 wards of Kathmandu city it should be seen that the organization is running well. Your leadership potential should be disclosed. There is no need to fight leaving work, people will fight on their own by planning.

He cannot believe that the leader has made a good office and has also issued circulars. If you ask people where they are angry, they will not come today, tomorrow they will be forced to support. If you raise people’s issues, they will rally around you. You should also address people whose goal is well-being. People fall behind the power to do good because they are behaving faithfully.

Only 10 per cent of the elite live in the city, the remaining 90 per cent are in a situation where it is difficult to get up early in the morning. The poor are directly and indirectly serving 10 percent of the elite class. Either they take their goods to Nanglo and sell them and pass a large part of the profits to the elite. They take only a small portion and eat lentils. A large part belongs to the oppressed public, it is a sight defect to not see it. Rich people live in the city, so it’s not that they didn’t like our party.

Don’t Compromise on Personal Benefits

Only one class of people live in the village. It is an understatement to say that there the Communist Party will be strong, but where there is class discrimination, we will be weak. It is just a visual defect. It’s not just being able to go inside people and analyze their orbit. Where does the same repressed population live in the village as in the city? If we can solve the everyday problems of the people, then the problem can be solved. The organization can be strong. It could be good. And, it is easier to settle in the city than in the village. If 10 people can be well convinced, they can convince another 400 people.

After solving one case, if we eliminate it and leave it, 20 other cases will come up automatically. There is also a culture of cheating and eating about 20 such things. To do so would be suicidal. It is better to do so than not to file a case. However, when 20 cases are resolved, at least 2 thousand people come in contact. Even if 2,000 people are ‘convinced’, they influence the opinion of 20,000. However, we have a corrupt culture of taking up cases and selling them.

If we can focus on people’s issues, we can move forward. And we should seriously review where our weaknesses are. After the peace process, Kathmandu, where the Maoists have been living instead of rising, needs a serious review of why it is difficult to reach 10,000 votes today. If we draw conclusions about where the weaknesses are and move the organization of the city forward, we can become strong again.

There are many areas in which we have to make a list of priorities and gradually take the movement forward. In the question of raising the movement, no leader will under any circumstances compromise on the level of taking personal advantage. If someone does this then strict action should be taken if proved.

(Acharya is the secretary of the CPN Maoist Center and in-charge of the provincial committee for coordination of contacts.)

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar