Will Dheeraj, who asks for 40 lakh salary, play ‘Bhagvad Gita’?

Kathmandu. Actor Dheeraj Magar’s new film ‘Bhagvad Geeta’ was also sung by Jharna Thapa. The producers also arrived.

The producer argues that even after Dheeraj demanded expensive salary, things did not work out. Which Dheeraj himself did not deny. Producer Sunil Kumar Thapa says that Dheeraj asked for a salary of Rs 40 lakh from him.

Which Dheeraj himself has also accepted. ‘He asked for such a salary. Later, the film was not signed, even though the money was a bit short, Thapa told news online.

In a recent media interaction, Dheeraj also admitted that he asked for a salary that he deserved. Regarding this rumour, Dheeraj said, “The second thing is remuneration for me, the main thing is that I don’t have the script.”

After Dheeraj didn’t do the film, the makers are looking for a new hero for Thapa Bhagwat Geeta. He is going to Janakpur to find a place for the waterfall on Monday.

With Hero flying to Janakpur without the producer, it can be assumed that Dheeraj’s potential is still visible in the film. But producer Thapa said that he will shoot himself with the new hero.

Talking about salary, Anmol KC is the most expensive actor of Nepali films. He is working in ‘Chadke 2’ on a salary of Rs 50 lakh. Dheeraj rose to fame after his debut film ‘Intumentu London’ became a hit.

Dheeraj is doing a new film with Aditi Budhathoki and director Deependra Lama’s untitled new project is also in the pipeline.

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Himal Sanchar