With the arrival of Upendra Yadav, the power equation of province one will change.

18 November Biratnagar. The CPN-UML’s attempt to form a government in Province 1 appears to be running into trouble.

With 40 seats (outright won and projected to come from proportional representation), the UML, which has become the largest party in the state assembly, needs the support of 7 more MPs to form the government.

The RPP has got 6 seats, while the Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) has not won outright, but is sure to get one seat proportionally.

In the 93-member state assembly, 47 seats are needed for a majority. Hikmat Kumar Karki, elected from Jhapa 5(2), who is the chief ministerial contender in the UML, also started discussions with the parties seeing that he would get a majority in the provincial assembly.

But on Sunday afternoon, the statement of JSP President Upendra Yadav, who became decisive for the majority, has shocked the UML.

Talking to reporters at Biratnagar airport on Sunday, Jaspa president Yadav announced the end of cooperation with UML. He also said that he is in no hurry to join the government. Yadav said, ‘Now we are in no hurry to join the government, we are very happy, those who are in a hurry, we wish them all the best for moving forward. We will now decide on the basis of policy whether to cooperate or support.

Jaspa Province 1 Vice President Rajkumar Yadav also says that all doors are open for discussion. He said that after the results of all the votes are published, they will discuss and move forward.

According to the leaders, there is a possibility that JSP will move closer to power alliance in the state from the center. A Jaspa leader says, “When the party’s national president said that cooperation with the UML is over, there should be no talk of going to a UML-led government in the province.”

In case of getting support from JSPA, their government seems to be formed in State 1 as well.

The CPN-UML has won 25 seats. UML will also get 15 seats proportionally. It seems that RPP winning 2 seats directly will get 4 seats proportionately. UML state assembly member Karki, who is preparing for the post of Chief Minister, says that he will not break cooperation with JSP and his party will get majority.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar