Witten is becoming a hero with ‘Ratna Park’, when is the shooting?

Witten is becoming a hero with 'Ratna Park', when is the shooting?

8 November, Kathmandu. Rapper Viten (Sameer Ghising) is preparing to turn from a singer to a hero. Producer Nawaz Giri is all set to start shooting for the film ‘Ratna Park’ in which he is going to star. Produced by Buddhasubba Originals, the story of this film is of Navraj.

The film tells how much a person struggles to stay alive. After reading this story, Witten is eager to act in the film.

Nawaz has already hired three directors for this film. Hence, the names of the remaining actors and directors will not be made public until there is a written agreement, says Nawaz. The workshop of the film ‘Ratna Park’ will start from Pus. “Apart from Witten, other actors will be professionals,” says Nawaz.

Vitton said he would do his best for ‘Ratna Park’. He says that he is excited to work in the film. Producer Giri said, “Based on the time taken by Vitten in the workshop, we can say when the filming will start.”

However, Giri plans to release the film in the coming decade.

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