World Cup Football: Wales is playing the World Cup after 64 years

5 November, Kathmandu. The FIFA World Cup 2022 Group B match will be played between USA and Wales on Monday night. The match will start at 1.50 am Nepali time at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

Wales is playing its first World Cup match in 64 years. Wales captain Gareth Bale, who has led Wales in World Cups since 1958, is ready.

Although Wales played in the last two European Cups, they had to wait over 6 decades to qualify for the World Cup. Wales is the team that has waited the longest for their first and second participation in the World Cup.

Bell said, “To be selected for the World Cup is probably the greatest honor for our country, which we have not been able to do for 64 years. This is the history of our country. Our match (the second match against Iran) to see Schools will remain closed.

Bell said that playing the World Cup is a big history for the country and said that it has been waiting for a long time. Wales, going to play the World Cup after 64 years, wants to make it memorable.

On the other hand, after failing to qualify in 2018, America is playing the World Cup after eight years. America also wants to start auspiciously. Wales and USA are the teams with the lowest average age of the Qatar World Cup. The median age in the US is 24 and in Wales the median age is 25.

USA and Wales have met twice so far. In which America has won one match and one match is tied. But they are going to compete in the World Cup for the first time. In 2003, the United States defeated Wales. But in the last meeting in 2020, the match ended in a draw.

American forward Kristian Pulisic said Fu has to prove himself and if he does well in the World Cup, many things will change. ‘I think we have to prove ourselves. In recent decades, we have not been able to reach the level of some of the world’s superpowers. We have a great team with a lot of heart and mind. But I think we can take it to the next level. A successful World Cup can change a lot,’ said US forward Christian Pulisic ahead of the match against Wales.

The USA is ranked 16th in the FIFA rankings, while Wales is ranked 19th.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar