Worship with Yagya in Hanuman Dhoka area

Worship with Yagya in Hanuman Dhoka area

28 September, Kathmandu. Mahanavami festival is being celebrated by worshiping Goddess Siddhidatri on the last day of Navratri. It is customary to worship the goddess with sacrifices at the Dashain Ghar, Kot and Shakti Peeth.

Goats and calves are also worshiped at the Hanumandhoka complex in Basantpur, Kathmandu. In some Shakti Peethas, it is customary to offer five sacrifices of duck, chicken, goat, sheep and calves. In various temples, sacrifices are offered and in Shaktipeeths, Dashinghar, Kot and Durga Saptashati (Chandi), Shrimad Devi Bhagwat and Devi Stotra are also recited.

On the day of Mahanavami, non-animal sacrifices and vegetarians also offer Kubindo, Ghirolaula, Radish, Cucumber and Jaggery Coconut.

According to the Markandeya Purana, Mahanavami is celebrated with special significance as Chamunda Devi killed the Raktavija demon on the same day.

On the occasion of Mahanavami, Kot Puja and Nishan Puja are performed with joy in Kota. On this occasion, it is customary to worship the target of war in the Hanuman Dhoka court as well as in the barracks and gulmas of the Nepal Army.

On the first day of Dashain, also known as Durga Paksha, Shailputri, Brahmacharini on the second day, Chandraghanta on the third day, Kushmanda on the fourth day, Skandamata on the fifth day, Katyayani on the sixth day, Kalratri on the seventh day, Mahagauri on the eighth day and Siddhidatri on the ninth day. Is performed. These nine forms of Durga are also called Nav Durga. Devotees throng the Shaktipeeths across the country on Navratri.

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