You can now subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime from YouTube!

Kathmandu. It is now possible to buy various video streaming platforms from YouTube. YouTube is going to bring its new platform ‘Channel Store’ so that the streaming platform can be bought from one place.

At present, the trailers of the content coming on various streaming platforms can be seen for free on YouTube. But now YouTube is trying to make it a means of earning.

YouTube’s ‘Channel Star’ will allow users to choose from and purchase different streaming services through the YouTube app.

For this, the company is also said to be entering into an agreement for collaboration with companies providing various streaming services.

The YouTube TV service is said to offer over 80 channels for $65 per month.

YouTube’s ‘Channel Star’ can be more convenient than subscribing to multiple streaming services separately.

This new plan theoretically obviates the need for separate streaming accounts and payment credentials. In addition, users can also pay for subscriptions through their Google Account.

Himal Sanchar